Research Strategy

Our Research Strategy focuses on what we believe to be the key issues within current landscape research and practice. It sets out where we wish to concentrate our activities over the next few years. It does not simply present research questions but calls for creative and proactive responses to some of the major challenges facing modern society. We will shortly be issuing a detailed account of our strategy but, in summary, we wish to advance research that:

  • addresses injustice in landscape contexts
  • helps to develop human, landscape-scale responses to rapid environmental change
  • helps society to achieve a democratic and sustainable approach to the development and governance of landscape
  • questions conventional modes of thought and practice and, by supporting creativity and aspiration, empowers people to envisage living in a just and sustainable relationship with landscape.

If you are interested in finding out more about LRG’s research strategy please contact Hannes Palang, LRG Research & Policy Co-ordinator (

Download a pdf of the booklet version (2.6MB).

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