Chris Dalglish and landscape justice

LRG’s own Chris Dalglish chairs the Landscape Justice debate on 6 December 2017. Below is an excerpt from a paper he wrote on landscape justice for Community Land Scotland.

“We never engage with landscapes simply as individuals. The notion that landscape-equals-scenery is something we learn growing up in a particular culture. Our ability to enjoy the landscape in solitude is something facilitated by the society we live in, its history and our particular place within it. The things we do in relation to the landscape always impact upon others, for good or for ill, in small or in large ways. Adopting a self-centred approach to landscape leads us to overlook these impacts or, if we perceive them at all, to treat them as somehow less important than our personal quest for the isolated enjoyment of the ‘wild’.”

The full text is available on the Community Land Scotland website.

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