Nathalie Blanc

I grew up in Paris, France and before graduating in Urban Geography did some study in fine arts and developed an activity as an artist. After graduating I worked for Paris City and the National Union of Social Habitat, and also worked as a graphist. Today I’m a Researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) based at the Université de Paris (Nanterre site).

My landscape interests focus on aesthetics and environmental issues, especially on the topic of relationships to animals and plants. My involvement in landscape research includes contributing to two works of synthesis, Animals and the City (2000) and Towards an Environmental Aesthetic (2008) and directing four jointly-authored books or special review issues (Let us like the City, Aesthetics and Public Space, Dam and Inhabitants and Literature and Ecology) together with a wide range of review articles and essays. Most recently I have prepared a joint work entitled Ecoscopies: from Environment to Environment : a Century of Art (2009).

In addition to my geographical research, I am involved in a range of artistic work which takes very different shapes : participation in exhibitions, realization of a short film (“A particular object”), translation of American poetries, and setting up an association (LMER: The world is round) to create a dialogue between poetry and environment, etc.

I was appointed as a Director of Landscape Research Group in 2009.


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