Student awards

2016 Student Awards

We congratulate the following, who have been awarded a prize for their dissertations completed in 2015.

Shachi Bahl, India, who was awarded £350 for her Public Arts MA, ‘Transformation of everyday spaces into an art precinct – New Delhi, India’.

Jennifer Dobson, UK, who was awarded £250 for her undergraduate dissertation on  ‘Climate change in Figi’.

Helen Hoyle, UK, who was awarded £500 for her PhD thesis on ‘Human happiness versus urban biodiversity? Public perception of designed urban planting in a warm climate’.

Dawn Parke, Republic of Ireland, who was awarded £350 for her MA dissertation on ‘The physical life of place’.

Eva Schwab, Austria, who was awarded £500 for her PhD thesis on ‘Urban promises? Spatial justice in public space in Latin America’.

Samuel Stevenson, UK, who was awarded £250 for his undergraduate dissertation on ‘The socio-cultural importance of abandoned industrial space: The island of Nottingham’.

Christina Thuring, UK, who was awarded £500 for her PhD thesis on ‘Ecological dynamics on old extensive green roofs: vegetation and substrates > twenty years since installation’.

2017 Award Nominations

Over the last ten years, the Landscape Research Student Awards programme has progressed from a largely undergraduate focused award to an exciting mix of awards for degrees at all levels. The growth of this award – and the challenges that accompany such growth – have us reconsidering how we manage the awards programme going forward. The Group has decided that its Student Award scheme will not be run in 2017, to enable the scheme to be re-focused so that it better aligns with and supports the Group’s Research Strategy.

LRG remains committed to the student awards, however, and thinks it essential to recognize the best interdisciplinary student research from across the world. The Scheme will therefore be re-launched later in 2017 for Awards to be made in 2018, in respect of dissertations and theses completed in both 2016 and 2017. The scheme will then explicitly request submissions of dissertations based on interdisciplinary research, and in defined thematic areas aligned with the Research Strategy.

Invitations for entries for the 2018 Awards (ie for dissertations completed during 2016 AND 2017) will be issued later in 2017.

Any questions should be forwarded to the LRG Research and Policy Coordinator.

Open to: Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Each year, LRG awards nine student prizes to undergraduate and postgraduate students for outstanding dissertations or theses written in English, with three awards available for each level of study (undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral dissertations). All submissions must be uploaded here in Adobe PDF format, after receipt of nominating letters from relevant Directors of Programmes.

We request submissions that explore an interdisciplinary approach to landscape and, recently, set long-range priorities (please see . As a result the next few years of awards will prioritise work that is relevant to pressing societal challenges with a landscape dimension and research that contributes to the development of society’s understanding and response to these challenges. We are especially interested in landscape research:

– that responds to injustice
– that responds to the challenges of rapid environmental change
– that considers short-term decision-making and narrow franchise
– that challenges established norms through creative work.

The Submission Process

A nominated student will find their name on a pull-down list once an appropriate letter has been received from their programme director. It is then up to the student to submit a PDF document of no more than 25MB, along with appropriate contact information. No award is possible without nomination from the appropriate programme director. As such, all nominating letters will be verified. Submissions are for work completed and awarded in the previous calendar year.



Note: Inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary submissions should be proposed within the fields of primary academic study and supervision.

LRG Prizes

  • Up to three Doctoral Prizes at £500 for original contributions to knowledge
  • Up to three Masters Prizes at £350 for significant academic and creative inquiry
  • Up to three Undergraduate Prizes at £250 each for rigorous analysis and output

We make our prizes in a broad range of fields as befitting the landscape topic. We request that course leaders or doctoral programme coordinators make their nomination in one of three categories, also identifying the academic area (to the subject level) in your school that provided the academic setting and primary academic support for the degree.

Our categories include:

  • Humanities: Including cultural geography, history, archaeology, literature or philosophy.
  • Science, Planning and Management:  material geography, environmental management, planning, and science.
  • Art and Design: architecture, art, design and landscape architecture.

The prize includes a year’s free membership of the Group (which includes a year’s subscription to Landscape Research. Prize money, once awarded, will be sent out on receipt of a 500-word author’s summary of her/his winning and commended entries. These will be published under the author’s name in LR Research Extra. The prize winners will be invited to submit a further article based on their dissertation or project to Landscape Research or Landscape Research Extra, subject to the standard refereeing procedures of these publications.


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