The LRG Research Fund

The LRG Research Fund was created in 2017 to celebrate LRG’s 50th anniversary. We are continuing with an annual Research Fund to support a small number of high-quality projects that align strongly with LRG’s current strategic priorities, as outlined in our Research Strategy.

‘Borders, boundaries and landscape justice’


2018 Research Fund

Due to the popularity and ongoing relevance of the landscape justice theme, which was the focus for the 50th Anniversary Research Fund, we are continuing with that overall theme for 2018. Landscape justice is one of the four themes highlighted by the Research Strategy and is discussed on page 7 of the booklet as follows:

The term ‘landscape justice’ has emerged to reflect a new and integrated approach to the well-recognised problems of social and environmental justice. The wider context for this development is a growing emphasis in public discourse and in public policy on problems of power, exclusion and inequity in decision-making relating to environmental and landscape issues.
Landscape justice is concerned with issues of access and exclusion, ownership and dispossession, connection and disconnection within and across communities, societies, generations and species.
It concerns decision-making power and disenfranchisement, and fairness or lack thereof in the distribution of the potential benefits deriving from landscape. Better analysis and understanding of landscape injustice is needed in order to enable us to tackle it.”

In 2018, we would particularly welcome projects focusing on the impact of borders and boundaries on landscape justice, which was one of the concerns that arose during our recent Landscape Justice Debate, in December 2017.

More details are available in the 2018 LRG Research Fund application form.

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