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6 December 2017, The Wellcome Collection, London
14.00 – 18.00, followed by a drinks’ reception
19.30 – Dinner at a nearby restaurant

In place of our LRG Annual Lecture, this year we have invited not just one but four inspiring speakers. They will lead this event exploring the issue of landscape justice and role of research in helping to achieve it. Each is a leader in their field:

Professor Emily Brady, a philosopher who focuses and advises on landscape, environment and aesthetic values.
Professor Ken Olwig, a geographer and philologist, who is interested in the relationship between different concepts of law and different concepts of landscape, and the consequences for landscape justice.  He lives in Scandinavia, but his lecturing and research takes him all over Britain, Europe and the world.
Peter Peacock, a land reform campaigner, who acts as the Policy Director of Community Land Scotland. He has an extensive background in public policy as leader of a large regional local authority in Scotland and a former MSP and Scottish government Minister.
Dr Aviva Rahmani, an eco-art activist whose public and ecological art projects have involved collaborative interdisciplinary community teams with scientists, planners and environmentalists.

The event takes place at the Wellcome Collection in the afternoon of 6 December and is followed by a drinks’ reception and conference dinner.

More details and to book tickets.



Some recent events:


18 May 2017, 17.30-20.30
The Gallery, 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL

The AGM will take place from 17.30-18.15 and will be followed by a public seminar from 18.30-20.30

The focus is on Landscape research in partnership and we will be:

  • Celebrating the LRG Student Award scheme
    Winners of the 2016 dissertation prize will be presented with their certificate and will give a short presentation on their winning dissertation
  • Showcasing some of the new projects funded under our 50th Anniversary Research Fund
    For details of these, please see our current eBulletin
  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities for landscape research in the future
    A question and answer session with a multi-disciplinary panel
    The panellists are:
    Ewan Allinson, Landscape and Arts Network
    Dr Vanesa Castan-Broto, Development Planning Unit, UCL
    Dr Chris Dalglish, LRG Research and Policy Coordinator
    Dr Anna Jorgenson, Editor of Landscape Research
    Professor Laurence Le DuBlayo, International Coordinator, LRG
    Joe O’Donnell, Policy Officer, The Heritage Alliance

Full details and registration via Eventbrite

Exhibition: Image, Instinct and Imagination: landscape as a sign language

Photographic exhibition by Simon Warner and Jay Appleton on Image, Instinct and imagination: landscape as a sign language, at Bath Central Library from 24 June 2015.

Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild

A conference titled Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild was hosted by Newcastle University (UK) from the 26th-28th March, 2015. The conference was organised by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, with support from the Landscape Research Group. As the conference website articulates, the event aimed to “consider the discourses that swirl around concepts of wilderness, wildness, wildscape, re-wilding, wilding and the wild”. Further details about the conference can be found here.

Image, Instinct and Imagination

A photographic exhibition by Simon Warner and Jay Appleton on Image, Instinct and imagination: landscape as a sign language, took place at the Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax from 7 June to 7 September, and then at the Matthew Gallery at the University of Edinburgh from 26 September to 4 October.

Some Miraculous Promised Land

Lectures and guided walks on the theme Some Miraculous Promised Land  took place at Arenig in Meirionnydd over three weekends in September and October, to complement the exhibitions of the work of artist JD Innes at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff and the Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth.

Medieval Perceptions of Landscape

A joint LRG/MSRG conference, Falmouth, 25-26 April 2013

This joint conference capitalised on shared interests between LRG and the Medieval Settlement Research Group. It addressed itself to historical geographers and medieval-period landscape archaeologists, to local historians, cultural geographers, ecologists and other landscape specialists, who in their different ways all see the relevance of ‘landscape ways of seeing’ to understanding and appreciating our world, past and present. The conference was framed as an exploration of the relationships between landscape research as a whole, which is not always fully historically-informed, with the particular strand of historically-informed, archaeological and local ways of understanding landscape, which are not always explicitly landscape-focussed. Overall, the conference aimed to open windows on the further study of landscape’s past not merely in terms of landscape history but in terms of the prehistory of the concept of landscape itself. The first day of the conference revolved around a series of presentations and discussions, while the second day revolved around a field excursion to Godolphin, which provided an opportunity to think about the questions posed during presentations on the ground in the context of Godolphin, a complex medieval settled, farmed, mined and (re)designed landscape.

June/July 2012 The Ethics and Aesthetics of Architecture and Environment

LRG was a convening partner in this conference to be held at Newcastle Institute for the Arts, Newcastle University. Other collaborators include the International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture (ISPA); and the Newcastle Institute for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (NIASSH) as well as the British Society of Aesthetics (BSA).

Conference abstracts have been posted on the ISPA website, with those with a landscape ‘flavour’ available here.

Sept 2012 Sublime in Landscape – the Snowdonia Experience

In September 2012, LRG convened a symposium on landscape aesthetics set in the sublime (and changing) landscapes of Snowdonia. The programme included a mix of field based experiences and more traditional plenary discussions. Land managers and philosophers, cultural geographers, historians and artists involved in environmental aesthetics attended the symposium. Please see the event flyer for further information or download the Symposium Report for fuller reflections on the event. You can also access two presentations relating to the Sublime Snowdonia event here:

IN SEARCH OF SUBLIME SNOWDONIA: Landscape Aesthetics and the tourist mind, by Gareth Roberts


June 2011 Afforestation, Landscape & Eco-system Services

LRG has convened this invitation-only symposium with the endorsement of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and the Forest Research to discuss holistic approaches to landscape assessment in relationship to the successes, challenges and failures of afforestation. Issues addressed will include changes to ecosystems, boundaries, services, agriculture, community and tourism. This will be a field meeting with expert speakers with follow on plenary discussion at the Blair Drummond Village Hall.

LRG sponsored a session on ‘Landscapes and Education’ at the 61st RGS /IBG International Conference. For further details go to http://conference.rgs.org/CallForPapers.aspx?heading=Y&session=1df57777-e238-4595-ba93-baa5293ed309

April 2010 European Landscape Architecture Student Association (ELASA) International Conference

LRG provided support funding to The European Landscape Architecture Student Association. They organized an international conference, hosted by the Edinburgh College of Art, in April 2010, entitled Back to Basics. The conference proceedings were split between the city of Edinburgh and the rural highlands and the rural highlands around Aberfeldy. Informed by a series of workshops and discussions, including lectures from horticultural experts from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Eelco Hooftma, Director of GrossMax, and local photographer Michael Lindsay, participants worked through the redesign of a public open space using 230m2 of sculptural turf donated by Lindum. For further information, see Issue 53 of Landscape Research Extra.

Sept 2010 Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers

LRG sponsored two sessions: “Post-Industrial Landscapes: Insights from Art, Geography and Landscape Architecture”, co-sponsored by The Landscape Institute, and “Living with Environmental Challenge and Change”. Each session featured four papers and a discussant. For further information, see Issue 55 of Landscape Research Extra.


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