LRG Events – Background and Networks

The Landscape Research Group has organized many popular and successful conferences and seminars both in the UK and other European countries. They have addressed a wide range of subjects, including Imperial Landscapes, Landscapes of Defence, Landscape and Ecological Planning, River Landscapes, Landscape and Photography, and Landscape Heritage and National Identity. Several of these events have resulted in published outputs in our journal Landscape Research, our newsletter, Landscape Research Extra and occasional monographs. We have members and directors from thirty countries and are represented on a range of international bodies. Working internationally is part of the LRG ethos and the group is keen to foster links with landscape-focussed organisations abroad.

LRG International

In the 1990s we decided it was time to cooperate more formally with landscape specialists who worked in another language and country and we joined with a French group, Paysage + Amenagement to promote and publish the papers from a conference in Blois in 1993 on the theme of Landscapes in the new Europe, where the possibility of a Landscape Convention was mooted. LRG took an interest in the moves that led to the Florence Convention, and is a recognised official observer at all the debates and workshops.

The LRG Board of Directors includes representatives from Australia, Estonia, Greece, United States and Sweden.

LRG has official observer status at the meetings of the Council of Europe devoted to the European Landscape Convention (ELC). Typical of LRG is our involvement in the academic and professional aspects of the ELC; we have representatives at meetings of Uniscape, the organisation representing universities in support of that Convention; and Civilscape as well a network of NGOs committed to facilitate knowledge exchange within the framework of the ELC. LRG was invited to an event in Florence that commemorated ten years of the European Landscape Convention, and was represented at the Uniscape meeting Living Landscape. LRG was represented at the meeting in Perpignan and Girona, France, sponsored by Cemagref, looking at Landscape and Sustainable Development.

We support, and regularly exchange information with the Permanent European Council for the Study of the Rural Landscape. This group has been holding biennial conferences on issues concerning the rural landscapes of Europe for more than forty years. The last one was in Leeuwarden in 2012. One of the members of the board of PECSRL is also on the board of LRG.

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