5th Workshop of LRG’s German partner organisation

Protected Areas between Conservation, Economic Development and Politics

Odernheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
20-22 September 2017
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Du sillon à la skyline: des lignes et des paysages

Pour une conception unitaire du paysage

28 et 29 Septembre 2017
Université Rennes 2
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Energy Landscapes Conference, September 2015, Dresden, Germany

The Landscape Research Group was involved in the organisation of a European conference on Energy Landscapes: Perception, Planning, Participation and Power, held in September 2015, in Dresden, Germany. Further information about the conference can be found here. Key questions addressed by the conference were:

  • Perception – How is the character, perception, assessment and social construction of landscapes influenced by present and past uses of energy?
  • Planning – Which types of landscape-related planning and governance regimes exist and how are they linked to landscape planning, spatial planning and energy policy?
  • Participation – In the face of energy transitions, to what extent are landscape policies inclusive and participatory? Which actors are involved and who is constituted as an actor in this regard?
  • Power – Which power relations shape the interplay of energies and landscapes? How can the workings of power be conceptualised and critically reflected?

PECSRL Research Workshop, September 2014

A round table research workshop took place at the PECSRL conference in Gothenburg and Mariestad, Sweden, on 8 to 12 September 2014.

Between Space and Place

A research symposium was held in Stockholm on 3 to 4 March, entitled Between Space and Place: the future of landscape characterisation, and the future character of landscape.

Combining Scientific Expertise with Participation

A conference was held in Brussels on 28 to 29 April, which was organised around the theme: Combining Scientific Expertise with Participation: the challenge of the European Landscape conversion. This event was held jointly with the University Libre de Brusselles.

Journees du Paysage

A seminar on “Journees du Paysage”, was held jointly with the University of Rennes 2 and organised by the CORDIALE INTERREG IV A, in Brittany, 26-27 June  2013.

Association of Critical Heritage Studies

The LRG sponsored a Landscape-themed session at the inaugural conference for the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, which was hosted by the University of Gothenburg in June 2012. The conference had over 500 delegates, and presented 360 papers delivered in 62 themed sessions. The Group, through Emma Waterton and David Harvey, co-organised and sponsored one of these themed sessions on Landscapes of Heritage and Heritage Landscapes. This was one of two landscape-themed sessions, adding six strong contributions to the eighteen conference papers focused on landscape aspects of heritage. The session was very well-attended, with the lecture room filled to capacity with over 50 attendees. It opened with an introduction to the Group and to Landscape Research, including showcasing the new website, allowing the Group to profile itself to a wide audience (see ‘International Activity’ below). The session aimed to showcase the growing interest in both ‘heritage’ and ‘landscape’ as categories of scholarship, identity, experience and performance, as well as for purposes of entertainment, commerce and policy engagement. The six papers generated a lively and interesting range of discussion points. A report outlining the discussions on these themes and preliminary conclusions is presented in Landscape Research Extra 62, and it is intended that the six papers will be developed for publication in Landscape Research, subject to the usual refereeing procedures.

New Energy – New Energy Landscapes -New Perspectives for Landscape Research?

A research seminar, New Energy – New Energy Landscapes -New Perspectives for Landscape Research?, organised by German members of LRG, took place in Erkner, Germany, 26 to 27 April 2012, with sponsorship from LRG . The seminar saw 30 academics and practitioners come together to discuss the challenges that arise from the landscape changes caused by renewable energies. In Germany, this is driven by 2011 legislation which aims to phase out the use of nuclear power by 2022 and to implement ambitious targets for the use of renewable energy. The discussions focused on exploring some of the reasons for resistance among citizens to landscape change, particularly to wind turbines but also biomass crops such as maize. A report outlining the discussions on these themes and preliminary conclusions is presented in Landscape Research Extra 62, which includes a web-link to the German language network site. The network aims to publish the papers delivered in Erkner.

Other Events

LRG convened an international policy seminar: Reassessing Landscape Drivers and the Globalist Environmental Agenda, convened in Alnarp, Sweden.

LRG was a convening partner on the European conference: Local Implementation of the European Landscape Convention, at Nove Hrady in the Czech Republic

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