Annual lecture

The Landscape Research Group is pleased to host an Annual Lecture Series. Details and associated video of previous LRG Annual Lectures can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

2011: From Eden to Earth Day: Landscape Restoration as Mission and Metaphor by Professor Emeritus David Lowenthal
2012: Landscape and Human Destiny by Professor Peter Howard, Dr Ian Thompson and Dr Emma Waterton
2013: The Difficulties of Designing Future Coastlines in the Face of Climate Change by Professor Emeritus Tim O’Riordan OBE
2014: Valuing Wetlands and Wetland Values by Prof Jacquie Burgess
2015: If the past teaches, what does the future learn? by Professor Carole Crumley
2016: Interpreting the Landscape: the Popular Agenda by Professor Brian Goodey

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