Annual lecture

We have hosted an annual lecture since 2011.
For 2017, our 50th Anniversary year, the event takes the format of a debate and workshop led by not one but four stimulating speakers. The theme = Landscape Justice.
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Annual lectures 2011 – 2016
Details and associated videos of previous LRG Annual Lectures can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

2011: From Eden to Earth Day: Landscape Restoration as Mission and Metaphor by Professor Emeritus David Lowenthal
2012: Landscape and Human Destiny by Professor Peter Howard, Dr Ian Thompson and Dr Emma Waterton
2013: The Difficulties of Designing Future Coastlines in the Face of Climate Change by Professor Emeritus Tim O’Riordan OBE
2014: Valuing Wetlands and Wetland Values by Prof Jacquie Burgess
2015: If the past teaches, what does the future learn? by Professor Carole Crumley
2016: Interpreting the Landscape: the Popular Agenda by Professor Brian Goodey

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