Aviva Rahmani and landscape justice

Dr Aviva Rahmani is an eco-art activist whose public and ecological art projects have involved collaborative interdisciplinary community teams with scientists, planners and environmentalists.

This is Aviva’s ‘take’ on landscape justice:

“Earth or landscape INjustice depends on racism, classism, sexism, speciesism. When we oppress ‘an other’ we deny our own humanness, and crowd out the world beyond our own skin on which we depend. Earth justice challenges us to internalise humility and trust. In striving for a just world, we comprehend relationships between, soil, air, other people and creatures, the rocks and waters of a healthy habitat. The systems that sustain human life are interconnected, with no beginning, end, top or bottom.

Consider, ending fossil fuel hegemonies requires us to accept untenable facts:

  • Each child born in the first world uses 30 times the resources of a child born in the third world.
  • We currently consume three planets worth of resources.
  • The loss of biodiversity and redundancy in natural systems endangers our remaining Earth resources for survival;  1 in 10 people today don’t have access to clean water.

The task of rethinking our dysfunctional systems is often assigned to scientists and engineers. I suggest that artists have equally compelling solutions, and we have direct access to people’s hearts and souls impossible for statisticians to access. As an artist, I conceived of trigger point theory, an original premise that the restoration of selected small sites can effect very large systems. This located site is not necessarily physical. My art selects and activates those sites. In The Blued Trees Symphony, I found a place in the legal system, a synasthetic intersection, where Earth justice meets art. I will tell you about it.”

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