Tim Collins

Tim Collins is a principal in the Collins & Goto Studio, Glasgow. Tim is an artist, author and planner. He has worked across art, science and philosophy, developing artwork, pubic artwork, and research related to nature and public space for over twenty years. He has worked within a wide range of communities developing methods and practices that take best advantage of art and aesthetics in the public interest. Over the past decade working with his partner Reiko Goto, Tim has been¬†developing sculptural and performative artwork, tools and technologies that attend to the physiological interface between people the atmosphere and forests and trees. Over the last three years they have been working on questions of cultural ecology in relationship to the ancient semi-natural Caledonia forests of Scotland; developing ideas about a ‘critical forest art practice’, that builds on previous work on post industrial landscape.¬†They have also begun a new body of work focused upon the relationship between the internal ecology of the human body and the (chemical, material) conditions of the outside world. Tim has served as an associate professor and principal investigator at Carnegie Mellon University before moving to the UK in 2005 where he was appointed as a Professor of Art, Ecology and Planning, Associate Dean, research and development at University of Wolverhampton. Tim returned to the studio full time in 2012.

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