George Revill

My research concerns issues of landscape, technology, culture and identity. I work on the politics of landscape and national identity in music of the English musical renaissance (1880 – 1940). My most recent work examines the way conceptions of place and landscape shape the practical and theoretical activities of folk music collectors. I have been working recently on the American folk music collector Alan Lomax in the UK and Europe. I have just started work on a book about the politics of landscape, music and environmental sound in 20th century Britain Landscape, Music and the politics of sound . I also work on landscape and the cultures of transport, mobility and technology. I am currently finishing a book for Reaktion Press which examines the role of the railway as a cultural icon of modernity.

I am a board member and past chair of the Landscape Research Group. We publish the interdisciplinary journal Landscape Research . I am also a member of the Research Advisory Board to the National Museum of Science and industry.


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