Gareth Roberts

Born and brought up in Pembrokeshire I was first trained as an artist and geographer before taking a Masters in Civic Design at Liverpool University and becoming a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. I worked in local government as a planner and environmental manager with several authorities in England and Wales for nearly 20 years before joining the newly established Countryside Council for Wales, statutory advisor to Government on landscape, recreation and conservation matters in Wales, in 1991. As a civil servant I had responsibilities for advising on many aspects of environmental policy including landscape, recreation, agricultural, forestry, water and maritime resources in Wales.

I retired as Head of Environmental Policy with CCW in 2006 in order to travel and devote more time to my interest in promoting the better planning and management of landscapes, the protection of their special qualities and the maintenance of their cultural diversity. I now spend time in support of the work of several organisations whose objectives are closely aligned to these interests.

I am a staunch advocate of the European Landscape Convention and am active in promoting the contribution civil society can make to the better planning, management and protection of our landscapes globally. To these ends I have helped convene several conferences on behalf of the LRG, am a Trustee of the Snowdonia Society and worked with the International Centre for Protected Landscapes to help build capacity to better manage Protected Landscapes throughout the world.

I have been a Director of the Landscape Research Group since 1990.

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