It is certainly I who have the experience of the landscape, but in this experience I am conscious of taking up a situation, of bringing together a significance dispersed among phenomena, and of saying what they of their own accord mean.

Merleau-Ponty, M. (1962: 263)

The landscape, in short, is not a totality that you or anyone else can look at, it is rather the world in which we stand in taking up a point of view on our surroundings.

Ingold, T. (2001: 173)

…a landscape is the most solid appearance in which a history can declare itself.

Inglis, F. (1977: 489)

You can ask of landscape, as of weight, how much there is, but not what it is like.

Ingold, T. (1993: 153-4)

By becoming part of the everyday, the taken-for-granted, the objective and the natural, the landscape masks the artifice and ideological nature of its form and content. Its history as a social construction is unexamined.

Duncan, J. (2005: 19)

Sometimes a landscape seems to be less a setting for the life of its inhabitants than a curtain behind which their struggles, achievements and accidents take place.

Berger, J. (1967: 13)

Through living in it, the landscape becomes a part of us, just as we are a part of it. Landscape is the world as it is known to those who dwell therein. It is …the everyday project of dwelling in the world.

Ingold, T. (2000 : 191)

…the landscape thinks itself in me… and I am its consciousness.

Cezanne, P.

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